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Our genuine Hallprint dart tags are another popular anchor type for our world's best fish tags. Commonly used on many sizes and species of marine and freshwater finfish and elasmobranchs, these may offer a slight advantage over T-Bar tags in ease of use and lower unit cost of applicators, making them a popular choice for student research projects and recreational fish tagging programs.  Like T-Bar tags, these are typically applied between the dorsal or anal fin rays of finfish, or lodged in a cartilagenous section of elasmobranchs. 


Our unique manufacturing process uses a single molded construction with no glues and only high grade, food safe materials to ensure the most durable, longest lasting, and most permanently visible printed ID of any fish tag on the market today. Our customers have reported recaptures exceeding 25 years at liberty in a harsh marine environment with virtually no tag marker degradation! 


Price shown is per batch of tags and and may vary between variants. Quantity varies between variants. Applicator needles can be purchased separately. 

Plastic Tipped Dart Tags

PriceFrom $80.00