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Plastic Tipped Dart Tags

Plastic Tipped Dart Tags

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Dart Tag Overview


As Hallprint's flagship tag option, our range of plastic tipped dart tags are designed to provide an enormous diversity of high quality options for researchers tagging nearly all commonly researched and monitored fish species across a wide range of size classess and life histories.

Offering a single molded construction with a protective outer sheath around the coloured and individually numbered marker, built for long term durability and legibility in harsh natural conditions. Our proprietary range of anchor shapes and sizes are designed to lock behind the dorsal fin rays (teleosts) or lodge in a cartilagenous section (elasmobranchs) or firm muscle tissue (large pelagics).

Plastic Tipped Dart Tags are especially well suited to research projects requiring long term tag retention and durability- we are proud to hear reports of these tags being recaptured after 30+ years at liberty with no tag degradation or fish injury in a harsh marine environment. Marker lengths can be increased to allow signficant growth potential of the target species, making these an ideal option for long term growth studies starting on juvenile fish.

Optimal size ranges are specified in the options below, but may vary for your specific application. Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions. All dart tags can be customized for color, print and marker length. Some models allow addition of an optional RFID (PIT Tag) component.



Common Applications


Custom Orders


A majority of our fish tags are made to order to meet researchers' unique requirements. Please plan ahead- average production time is 4-5 weeks, plus shipping from Australia to your destination in North America.

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