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Eco Innovations

Hinchinbrook is a small business delivering big ideas. Our mission and passion are to blend traditional ecological knowledge, cutting edge technologies and sound science to improve efficiency and data quality in research and monitoring programs. We offer an ever expanding range of products and services for Eco Innovations on your North American fisheries and natural resource research and monitoring programs. 

Hinchinbrook Eco Innovations was incorporated as Hinchinbrook, Inc. in January 2019. Hinchinbrook is built on a strong foundation of core expertise in the biological, ecological, environmental and natural resource sciences. We leverage an incredible and growing network of vendors and industry experts who are ready to help carry your ideas to fruition. We are currently based in the geographic center of Washington State, and offer a global perspective with work experience garnered throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, California, Australia and the Middle East. Our team has worked for and with a diverse range of partners and clients including many federal and state agencies, tribal governments and organizations, non-profits and other private consulting firms. Our extremely low overhead, conscientious budget management and streamlined, technologically advanced approaches allow us to offer extremely competitive pricing to meet your research consulting needs. We are proud to offer only the best quality in our product sales, and are working towards offering a one-stop source for many of your fisheries procurement requirements. 

Whether your project needs are new, or you're trying to modernize and improve efficiency and data quality on an existing project, we are here to help. Let's start a conversation. Please use the contact information below to request a proposal or quotation, discuss our qualifications in more detail, and talk about your project ideas.

541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

541620  Environmental and Consulting Services

541990  All other professional, scientific, and technical services

541611  Administrative management and general management consulting services

541715  Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences

541720  Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities

541511  Custom computer programming services

561410  Document preparation services

561990  All other support services

What's in a Name?

Hinchinbrook takes its name from two islands. Worlds apart, but both with strong ties to Hinchinbrook's founding President. Hinchinbrook Island off the northern coast of Queensland, Australia is the largest island in the great barrier reef. It formed an incredible backdrop for Keith to research and recreate during his postgraduate studies. Its rich estuaries provide invaluable rearing and resident habitat for diverse and abundant fisheries, and it was the perfect location for Keith to learn about marine biology and fisheries ecology as he first began his career. 10,600 kilometers away on the opposite side of the globe, the other Hinchinbrook Island forms the southern entrance to Prince William Sound from the Gulf of Alaska. Millions of salmon migrate past here on their return to the Copper River, and it is in these waters that Keith spent nearly a decade researching and recreating and building the strong foundations of his career in environmental, ecological, biological and natural resource sciences and management. Both Hinchinbrook Islands were named by Captain James Cook on his global explorations, and James Cook is also the namesake of Keith's alma mater, James Cook University. We are proud to carry the Hinchinbrook name and the significance it holds. 

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