Encapsulated external RFID (pit) tags

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Hallprint's external PIT tags in North America. Please contact us today for additional information, cost estimates, quotations, and ordering information. 



Here's a few ideas...

  • Marine & freshwater fisheries 

  • Mark-recapture projects

  • Migration and survival studies

  • Dam passage evaluations

  • Aquaculture management

  • Habitat evaluations

  • Broodstock management

  • Fishing derbies

  • Upgrade existing tagging programs


van den Broek, K.M., J.J. Smith and G. Wade. 2012. Estimating Chinook and sockeye
     salmon escapement on the Copper River, Alaska, using mark-recapture with external
     PIT tags. Pages 77-94. in J.R. McKenzie, B. Parsons, A.C. Seitz, R.K. Kopf, M. Mesa, and
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