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Plastic Intramuscular Tags

Plastic Intramuscular Tags

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Plastic Intramuscular Tag Overview


Plastic head intra-muscular tags are intended for use in tagging large gamefish that cannot easily be brought on board a vessel for tagging. They are applied to the fish using a pole mounted spear tip while the fish is held in the water alongside the vessel. This style of tag head was developed by the Billfish Foundation (US) and the US National Marine Fisheries Service and has become the favoured tag head for billfish in most parts of the world.

Hallprint's own injection molds have advanced upon this design and created a superior solution with easier application and greater retention than other similar tags on the market. Our PIM tags will not suffer problems associated with legibility or detachment of the marker that have been reported from similar tags made using these heads by other manufacturers. This is because our markers are molded to the stainless wire to produce an integrated unit without the need for glue or print-obstructing mono doubles to keep the marker on. We consider that print legibility and retention on our tags is also far superior to our competition.

These tags are not suitable for tagging sharks due to the toughness of the skin. Please see our SSD stainless steel dart tags if your tagging program includes sharks.



Common Applications


Custom Orders


A majority of our fish tags are made to order to meet researchers' unique requirements. Please plan ahead- average production time is 4-5 weeks, plus shipping from Australia to your destination in North America.

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