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Stainless Steel Dart Tags

Stainless Steel Dart Tags

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SSD Tag Overview


Stainless steel head dart tags (type SSD) are for marking large fish such as billfish and especially sharks which can not be easily brought aboard. The tag head is specially ground and sharpened to anchor smoothly in firm tissue or muscle.



Insert Text/Image Here. All metal used in the dart head and wire is 316S marine grade surgical steel. SSD tags are made with the stainless steel wire covering the inside of the first 5 cm of the marker. Some researchers prefer to have a stainless steel wire core along the length of the tag if there is a high likelihood of the tags being bitten by other sharks or predatory fish. These tags have superior legibility and integrity to our competitor’s products.

Common Applications


Custom Order


A majority of our fish tags are made to order to meet researchers' unique requirements. Please plan ahead- average production time is 4-5 weeks, plus shipping from Australia to your destination in North America.

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