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We offer many solutions for attaching your electronic transmitters and dataloggers to large pelagic fish, sharks, and more. Commonly used for PSAT, satellite, radio and acoustic tags, we can help develop a custom solution to best meet your requirements. Our anchors are easily attached to your own monofilamnent or stainless steel leader, and we can help make a completely print protected "tether tube" to cover the tether. Alternatively we can work directly with you or your electronic tag manufacturer to develop a completely customized anchor and tether solution using any of our available tag anchor types. The options are virtually unlimited so please contact us if you would like to discuss ideas. 


Click through the drop-down menus to see anchors currently available in stock for immediate purchase to use with your DIY attachments. All metal anchors are made from high grade surgical stainless steel with a machine sharpened edge. SSD anchors are the same size used for our SSD dart tags, while SSMD and SSLD are specially designed for electronic tag anchoring with a thicker gauge and larger diameter to withstand heavy drag. XL PIM-DOM anchors are the extra large nylon "mushroom" or "umbrella" heads developed by Michael Domeier. 


Please note that the plastic coated tags currently available are designated as "seconds" and are offered at a signficant discount due to blemishes and burrs in the coating. They are fully functional but may require some sanding or deburring by the customer before use. 



Electronic Tag Anchors

PriceFrom $1.00
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    Custom tags are always available

    Stock inventory is limited to the selections shown above. Please use our tag configurator to build your custom tag order to all of your own specifications including custom print, ID series and more (site membership required).

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