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Cable tie tags are an easy option for marking equipment and organisms in marine and freshwater environments. Common applications include macrophytic algae, trees, turtle banding, crab claws and carapace "wrap-around" tagging, reef and habitat structures, dataloggers, nets and traps, biofouling settling plates, holding tanks and buckets, scientific equipment, etc.


Our original Hallprint CTA cable tie tags are made from a single molded construction that cannot fall apart under normal use. Designed for long term retention, industry leading durability, and ease of use, these are a popular choice for applications unsuited to traditional tags. In addition to those carried in stock, these tags can also be fully customized for marker and tie length, color, custom text and ID numbering to meet your exact needs. Please use the link below to create your custom cable tie tags or purchase now from available inventory. 


We are now also offering a new style of cable tie marker, specifically designed to meet the needs of our more budget conscious clients. Our new laser embossed CMT cable marker ties offer unique ID numbering for easy differentiation of assets in many environments. This product is currently "in development" and is therefore limited to stock in hand with no customizations available online. Please contact us directly to discuss pricing and feasibility of large or custom orders. 


Listed price is per 100 tags. 

Cable Tie Tags

PriceFrom $45.00
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    Custom tags are always available

    Stock inventory is limited to the selections shown above. Please use our tag configurator to build your custom tag order to all of your own specifications including custom print, ID series and more (site membership required).

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