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Hallprint's polyethlene streamer tags (PST) are extremely popular with researchers for a wide variety of finfish and crustaceans. Commonly applied as a dorsal tag on delicate small juvenile fish and fish species that cannot tolerate T-Bar or dart tags, and can also be applied to novel locations such as lips, caudal fin, anal fin or adipose fin. Universally preferred tag design for decapod crustaceans; popular for prawn/shrimp, crayfish, crab and lobster. If properly placed the PST can often survive several moults. 


One of the biggest advantages of the PST is its integrated applicator needle. This fine gage disposable needle doesn't require any special applicators or tools, and is designed to help minimize the tag entry wound which is critical for tag retention and survival of delicate species. It is easily removed by the tagger as soon as the tag is set, and the process is efficient enough that anesthesia is rarely required. The tag also offers much greater visibility and often greater tag retention than injected or surgically implanted tags, plus unique printed tag IDs. As with all Hallprint tags, IDs are printed using a proprietary high temperature and pressure method that ensures long lasting readability. 


Previously only available as custom produced large orders, several colors and alphanumeric ID series of our PST13S polyethlene streamer tags are now available in stock for immediate shipping on orders as low as 100 tags. Tags are conveniently packaged on folded cards in sequential tag number order with 25 tags per card. Price shown is per 100 tags.


Please contact us directly for a quotation on other streamer tag sizes, larger quantities, custom printing, other colors and specifications. Please see the links above for additional information. 

Polyethylene Streamer Tags

  • PST13S: 55 mm total tag length with 10 mm central notch (each wing is 20 mm once needle is removed) and locking flaps. Standard 58 mm needle length. 

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Custom tags are always available

Stock inventory is limited to the selections shown above. Please use our tag configurator to build your custom tag order to all of your own specifications including custom print, ID series and more (site membership required).

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