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Our genuine Hallprint T-Bar tags are the most popular anchor type for our world's best fish tags. Commonly used on many sizes and species of marine and freshwater fish, crustaceans and even some shellfish, especially where large numbers of fish are being quickly tagged or when reduced handling time is critical. T-Bar tags are typically applied between the dorsal or anal fin rays of finfish, or through the moult suture of crustaceans. 


Our unique manufacturing process uses a single molded construction with no glues and only high grade, food safe materials to ensure the most durable, longest lasting, and most permanently visible printed ID of any fish tag on the market today. Our customers have reported recaptures exceeding 25 years at liberty in a harsh marine environment with virtually no tag marker degradation! 


Previously only available as custom produced large orders, many colors and alphanumeric ID series of T-Bar tags are now available in stock for immediate shipping on orders as low as 50 tags. Select available options to see pricing. 

T-Bar Fish Tags

PriceFrom $47.00